VR Shooting Games

VR Shooting Games

VR Shooting offers visceral, lifelike gunplay and combat. It helps improve aspects of hand-eye coordination, reflexes and familiarity with virtual weapons.

Play a tense Singleplayer survival shooter in the world of Warhammer 40,000. As a Sister of Battle, you’ll fight hordes of creatures and huge Chaos Space Marines.

Get a taste of the most popular FPS games in Virtual Reality with multiplayer fun! Battle your friends in tactical 5v5 shooter matches.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR takes the series that fans loved on flatscreens and makes it into a proper VR experience. It’s not the first WW2 shooter to come to VR but it does capitalize on the sniping genre in a way that we haven’t seen before. The game has a good understanding of what the VR medium brings to the genre and it’s clear that the developer has put in the work to make it right.

The story has players playing as an ex-Partisan marksman reliving his memories as he uncovers Nazi wonder-weapons that must be destroyed in order to banish the German forces VR Shooting from his homeland. This backstory is framed well through the voice of Karl Fairburne who does an excellent job as the player’s mentor. The gameplay is a lot like Sniper Elite III and the other flatscreen versions of the game with the main focus on sniping. However, there are other weapons to use in open combat and the ability to sneak up on enemies from behind using environmental noises.

There’s a good amount of content here with 18 missions that supply hours of firefights. While some of these missions are short in length, they feel long enough to get the job done. The only thing that holds the experience back from getting a higher score is the fact that some of the enemy placements can be unforgiving. This is especially true when trying to use stealth tactics as enemies often spawn in areas that are hard to conceal.

Ghosts of Tabor

Released in March on Steam Early Access and Meta Quest, Ghosts of Tabor is already making millions — it hasn’t even been launched on the Quest Store yet! Developed by Veteran owned game developer Combat Waffle Studios and published by Beyond Frames Entertainment, the post-apocalyptic extraction and survival VR FPS mixes PVP and PVE elements to create an immersive experience inspired by games like DayZ and Escape from Tarkov.

The game’s gameplay features large maps that allow for multiplayer exploration, looting, intense shoot-outs and sniping. Players must also take care of survival systems like health/hunger/thirst, weapons maintenance and crafting to remain alive.

The GHOSTS are a player faction that are birthed from the remnants of US Special Forces who refuse to surrender their homeland to VOLK. After gaining full control of Russia in 2042, VOLK absorbed the remaining Special Operations units and began their invasion of Tabor, believing it was ground zero for experiments.

Unlike Volk and Ghosts, GHOSTS are the only NPC faction that have high tier gear and can be hard to kill. Despite this, GHOSTS are not to be feared, as they are not an aggressive NPC faction and will only attack if provoked or if their mission is compromised. Investing in higher-tier helmets will increase your resistance to bullet penetration and ricochets. DLC guns can be purchased in the Trader Market, although the money won’t provide a significant gameplay advantage over base weapons.

Into the Radius

Into the Radius is one of the most immersive VR shooter experiences that you can get your hands on. Its bleak post-cataclysmic world is a haunting setting for a game that makes you think hard about what it is you’re doing, and its difficult combat is rewarding in the way it makes you take your enemies seriously.

The gameplay is by the numbers, as you scour ruins to find loot and fight off hostile aliens while progressing through the missions. You’ll need to manage your health, hunger and inventory space as you explore the contaminated Pechorsk Zone, whilst taking on dangerous anomalies.

Realistic handling of various classic and modern weapons, including manual magazine loading with different ammo types. Day and night cycle, allowing you to scavenge for supplies during the day and sneak around at night. Dangerous anomalies, a bleak atmosphere and a sprawling industrial city – experience the full spectrum of this surreal and deadly world.

Janky controls and some odd design decisions don’t detract from the fact that Into the Radius is an engrossing survival shooter that shows what VR can do. It’s a game that’s well worth checking out, particularly for fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R or the Metro series, and its recently launched Quest 2 port only compounds the sense of immersion it offers.


Contractors is a fast-paced Multiplayer VR shooter for the Quest 2 that many consider to be the “Call of Duty of VR.” Though it features a variety of game modes, all play out in very similar fashion. Spawn, run for a few seconds, see an enemy, fight, die, rinse and repeat. It’s a great VR VR Spaceship shooter for those looking for fast paced action, but it can get repetitive over time.

A sci-fi survival VR experience, Guns is a highly competitive and rewarding multiplayer shooter that requires skill, speed and tactics. The game features an arsenal of weaponry to suit your style, including pistols, assault rifles and rocket launchers. Using a free-roam VR setup, participants use virtual reality headsets and haptic feedback vests to engage in heart-pounding shooting scenarios that require teamwork and communication to triumph. It’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and get familiar with virtual weapons. It can also help relieve stress, and provide a safe way to practice firing in an immersive environment. However, it’s important to note that VR games aren’t necessarily accurate representations of firearms or real-world combat.