VR Shooting Area

VR Shooting Area

VR Shooting Area

VR Shooting Area combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology with firearms simulation. Participants wear VR headsets, haptic feedback vests and realistic firearm controllers to interact with meticulously crafted virtual environments.

Train your reflexes, cardio and coordination the fun way! Gun Club VR’s sandbox style gun range for HTC Vive includes interactive items, unlocks and frequent updates.

MILO Range Tactical Simulator

MILO Range is the international standard in interactive use-of-force and tactical judgment training systems. It delivers hundreds of complex dynamic video training scenarios and graphics-based firearms skill-builder drills in a portable system that can be deployed to a classroom in less than 30 minutes.

The simulator’s industry-leading features, which include a realistic field of view, allow instructors to train multiple officers and trainees at the same time. Each system can also be configured with a variety of lighting options, including low-light and flashlight mode.

This feature makes it easy to simulate training scenarios that would be difficult or impossible to conduct at a live-fire range. It’s especially useful for training officers in areas like crowd control and dealing with suspects with mental health issues. It also allows instructors to test trainees’ ability to handle dangerous situations while reducing the risk of injury or death for themselves and others.

Each scenario provides full emotional immersion with high definition branching video that can be controlled by the instructor to shift the trajectory of interaction. The high-stress situations replicate real-life encounters with violent suspects and those who may be suffering from a mental illness or substance abuse. They also VR Shooting Area give officers the chance to practice using all force options, and are designed to help officers understand the complexities, nuance, and emotion of these types of incidents.

MILO Range also offers the ability to capture and record audio as well as video for instructor/trainee debriefing sessions. This unique feature allows instructors to analyze and improve their training methods with the captured data.

The MILO Range Tactical Simulator can be configured for laser or live fire training, and a choice of weapons. It can even be equipped with a thermal camera for nighttime or NVG training. It’s an important tool for responsible CCW holders and gun owners, as it lets them rehearse split-second decisions in a safe environment. This ultimately prepares them to make the best decisions in a stressful situation and to act quickly.

Gun Club VR

There are a lot of shooting games in VR, but very few let you interact with the weapons as fully as Gun Club does. Developed by The Binary Mill and designed for use with the VR Submarine PlayStation Move controllers, Gun Club VR is a fun and highly-detailed shooting range simulator. With a large arsenal of guns, scenarios that range from hostage rescues to the zombie apocalypse, and lots of accessories to unlock and upgrade – this is the best way to enjoy a realistic firearm experience in virtual reality.

This game takes its cues from a few similar titles, namely Lethal VR, but it does something very different with its approach to weapon handling in VR. By using the motion controllers to handle and operate each firearm, Gun Club sets itself apart from other shooting gallery experiences – although it does suffer from some tracking issues that can stand in the way of proper handling.

Featuring full audio remastering for every weapon and a remodelled range experience, this updated version of the game offers unsurpassed realism and addictive gameplay. From pistols to SMGs, shotguns to assault rifles – all of your favourite firearms are represented here in intricately detailed and completely interactive models. Flick off the safety, select burst or full auto, extend your stock and rack the slide to clear a round. All of your favourite attachments are included too – scopes, laser sights, extended mags and stocks.

With dozens of scenarios to complete, ranging from hostage rescues to the apocalypse, you’ll be shooting for hours on end with this game. The addition of a Wild West scenario adds a nice bit of variety, while earning cash and rankings will keep you coming back for more action. And with hundreds of possible combinations of weapons and accessories to unlock, the possibilities are endless.

Gun Range VR

There are a lot of shooting games in virtual reality but few offer the level of interactivity that Gun Range VR does. Developed with real-world weapons in mind, this is the gun simulator that allows you to fully handle pistols, SMGs, shotguns and rifles while also allowing you to change their appearance with hundreds of different attachments, upgrades, scopes and more. Then you get to use them in a range of different scenarios where you shoot flat hostiles and zombies, save hostages or practice sniping and speed shooting.

While the game doesn’t offer a narrative or deep progression systems, it does provide an uncompromisingly realistic simulation that will bring you right to the heart of the action. It’s the kind of immersive experience that you could get hooked on even if it wasn’t part of an extensive VR lineup.

This is a full-featured gun range simulator that comes with all kinds of fun weapons to play with and a variety of shooting galleries and sandbox mode where you can create your own custom layouts. You can practice with a selection of fully reloadable pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and assault rifles. Plus you can unlock dozens of other firearms including grenade launchers and more.

With high-resolution textures, audio remastering and massively improved weapon models, this is the most realistic gun simulator on the platform. The game also features new ranges, sideshows and the unlimited freedom of a sandbox mode where you can create whatever you want. You can practice with all of your favorite guns and earn cash and rankings based on how well you perform.

Gun Range VR is a sandbox style game for the HTC Vive that features a large selection of interactive items to explore, achievements, unlocks and frequent updates with new items. The game costs $1.99 but can be found on sale on multiple marketplaces for up to 80% off the regular price.