Top 5 VR Racing Simulators

vr racing simulator

Top 5 VR Racing Simulators

Rev up your virtual engines and race with speed in a VR racing simulator. The immersive graphics, realistic physics, and extensive car and track selections make this a heart-pounding experience.

Unlike other racing games, you can use a dedicated button box with your force feedback wheel for quicker access to commands while racing. This is particularly useful for VR as it reduces unwanted flex from your wheel.


iRacing is an online racing simulator that has gained a reputation as being the most realistic sim out there. It features a highly sophisticated physics engine that replicates forces on the car in ways other simulations don’t. This allows for realistic tire behavior and makes the cars feel very realistic to drive. It also uses a proprietary tire model to simulate real-world tire forces, further increasing the accuracy of the simulation.

Unlike most racing games, iRacing features a license system that gives the players a form of progression. vr racing simulator It is made up of two parts, the iRating and the Safety Rating (SR). The iRating is earned by winning races, while the Safety Rating is earned through race results. It helps to match drivers of similar quality, which improves the overall racing experience in iRacing.

iRacing is a laser-scanned simulation that is updated regularly with new content through Builds and Seasons. During a Build, iRacing is unavailable for public racing as the new content is being deployed. Patches and Hotfixes are smaller updates that occur throughout the year.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is an incredibly advanced simulator that brings a new level of realism to next-generation gaming. It features a laser-scanned model of each track which allows for very accurate representations. The game also boasts motion capture animation of mechanics and drivers. The graphics are impressive too, even at low settings the game looks great.

The game is very challenging, it has a reputation for being one of the most difficult sims to pick up and play. This is largely due to its surprisingly tricky handling characteristics and the huge number of possible setup options for both vehicles and tracks. While ACC can be played with a controller, it is recommended to use a wheel that provides decent force feedback. A Thrustmaster T150/TMX or Logitech G29 are good choices.

The game has a variety of gameplay modes including Career, Championship and Free Play. Players can tailor AI opponent difficulty and vehicle stability control to suit their ability. The game also offers a realistic simulation of the Blancpain GT world, a sophisticated mathematical model that accurately replicates tyre grip, aerodynamic impact, engine parameters, suspensions and electronics systems that determine vehicle balance as well as mechanical damage on drivability.

Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is a racing simulator that features an extensive selection of cars and tracks. The game also supports a wide range of VR and triple screen setups. The game offers a thrilling experience that simulates motorsports in a way that no other sim does. The game’s immersive atmosphere includes dynamic weather and track conditions that are based on real world data.

The game’s car park ranges from classic Grand Prix cars to VR Standing Flight modern Prototypes, GT’s and even karts as well as one-make/spec series like the BMW M1 Procar. There are also many historical cars and circuits as well as a number of completely unique South American venues.

Mods are available for Automobilista 2 to expand its already vast catalogue of cars and circuits, as well as to enhance the gameplay experience. The community is actively working to add more cars and tracks. A particularly popular mod is NAMeS: it replaces all of the fictional or generic driver names in AMS2 (more than 2,200 grid places) with period-correct names, while leaving the actual drivers and their skills unaltered.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Whether you’re handling a racy four-wheel drive, rear-drive car on gravel or tarmac, a high-powered turbocharged rallycross racer or even an historic endurance event, Dirt Rally 2.0 does a terrific job of simulating the nuances of each surface type. From the clatter of tires on rocky roads to the way pebbles crackle underfoot, it’s all there, and it adds up to an incredibly authentic experience.

Like the prior games in the franchise, this is a demanding game, but one that offers plenty of challenge for hardened racing fans. There’s a career mode that offers plenty of wrinkles, including an official FIA World Rallycross Championship licensed season, though unlike some modern racing titles that have begun to cram in emotes and other silly social features, Codemasters is content to let the driving be the star of the show here.

Despite some niggles with the force feedback, Dirt Rally 2.0 is a confident rally racer for serious revheads. Its handling/car physics feel as sophisticated as anything else on the market, and despite some questionable decision making in its career mode, it is a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 is the latest instalment of Slightly Mad Studios’s best-selling racing franchise. It’s a very different beast from the original and Project Cars 2, abandoning the simulation sensibilities for a more accessible, arcade-style game that’s all about fun. Gone are fuel depletion and tire wear – in is brash colour, driver personalization and pumping music.

The handling model still has a little bit of that sim bent, but it’s less precise than the likes of Forza or GT Sport. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that it can feel closer to Need for Speed Shift or DRIVECLUB than its own predecessors.

There are plenty of new features in Project CARS 3, including a career mode that takes you from humble road cars to the top of the sport. You can also take on hot-lap events and a whole host of other races. You can even use the cash you earn in class-based races to upgrade your road cars into track monsters by putting them on race tires and throwing on liveries from a bunch of real car brands.