The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D and

The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D, FuninVR ZY-VR-2D and

The 9D VR Chair is an immersive virtual reality simulator that provides a variety of experiences. Its motion simulation and other features make it an immersive and dynamic experience.

Its dynamic seating sways, vibrates, and tilts in synchronization with the action on screen. This allows you to feel the excitement of flying through the Grand Canyon or fighting monsters.

EGG Chair

Designed in the form of a large egg and crafted with the highest quality materials, the EGG chair is a classic home theater piece that is sure to impress. Its curved wingback and swivel base give it a modern touch, while its sound-isolating properties make it the perfect choice for a private space. This iconic chair is available in a variety of colors, and its unique shape allows you to customize the seat to your liking.

The new 3D motion platform VR chair creates VR Motion Chair immersive experience from hearing, vision and touch in VR games or movies. You will feel ear wind, face the wind, shaking body and pushing back, leg touching or sweeping legs and feet when playing games or watching movies. It also has HI-FI speaker install at the chair to achieve bass effect.

It is a revolutionary new product which breaks the limit of virtual and real world to take viewers amazing experience. It includes interactive cabin with dynamic effects and immersive VR glasses. Its bionic 150 deg field of view allows two eyes to work independently and eliminates dead ends.

FuninVR ZY-VR-2D

FuninVR ZY-VR-2D is a revolutionary successful commercial VR product, it seamlessly combines virtual reality unit, peripheral hardware devices and entertainment platform. It can change the traditional form of entertainment and bring a new wave of interative VR experience to the consumers.

This product has many functions, including wind blowing, leg sweep and seat vibration. It also has high quality moving motor and driver, a spring vibration platform and a pause button to make it easier for players to stop the game.

The machine can run 2 players at VR Submarine the same time, and it can sell two tickets at a time. It also has a unique patented crank electric motion system and is more stable than other competitors. In addition, it has a more fashion cool appearance than the previous version of 9D VR Dark Mars. The new technology can help you earn more money and get a higher return on investment.

Star Twin Seat VR

With a luxurious appearance and special effects, the Star Twin Seat VR is an eye-catching VR simulator that will attract customers to your vr theme park. It features a 3DOF motion platform, so it can provide more realistic experience. The synchronized screen display and immersive virtual reality content will make you feel like you’re in the spaceship with your friends or family. It’s also equipped with an emergency stop button to ensure player safety.

Powered by the Movie Power 4D system, the Star Twin Seat VR provides a thrilling virtual reality experience for two people at the same time. The twin-seat design makes it perfect for couples, friends, or families who want to share the experience together. The simulated movements will help you feel like you’re in the middle of the action, while the high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects will transport you to a whole new world.

The motion system is driven by electric cylinders, which offer superior stability and accuracy. The chair can move forward, backward, left and right, and add more effects such as air wind, leg sweep, butt poke and more to match the movement of the film. In addition, the system can operate in a small footprint and is easy to manage. It’s the best choice for amusement parks, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.

Virtual Reality Pods

The Virtual Reality Pods is an immersive experience that will take you to another world. It is available in many shapes and sizes and has an impressive array of special effects, including leg sweeping, face windy and vibrations. The seat is also able to reposition itself automatically, and it has a small footprint that allows you to use it in smaller spaces.

It can accommodate two people at once and comes with a variety of VR content to keep viewers engaged. Its advanced motion sensors sync with the on-screen action to create a highly realistic experience. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level.

This virtual reality simulator chair is ideal for families and friends who want to have fun together. It features a 360-degree screen, allowing you to view other scenery in the background while playing your favorite video games. The chair is made from glass fiber reinforced plastics, making it durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is also easy to clean and maintain, and it’s fully padded, making it comfortable for users of all ages.

Unlike PC-tethered VR experiences, the Virtual Reality Pods is a standalone system that does not require a separate gaming console or computer. This makes it easier to set up and less expensive than traditional systems. You’ll spend less time worrying about messy cables and technical support and more time enjoying your virtual reality experience.